I am an exclusive, high class courtesan and my fee is based on my exceptional appearance, personality, and professionalism, combined with the unforgettable, passionate XXX experience I provide. I am not for everybody and I certainly don't pretend to be. I prefer to see very few people and remain extremely selective.

That said, after meeting me, I'm sure you'll find my hourly fee to be an exceptional value. However, if you are searching for a discount you may want to consider seeing an escort more suited to your present financial situation. I can't stress this point enough: if money is a major concern for you, I am definitely not the escort for you. If quality of service matters to you, then I can guarantee you that money spent for my companionship will always be resources allocated for a sound investment. Rest assured, there are many escorts throughout the web whom charge far less than I do

PLEASE NOTE: Money is never discussed, period, once you enter my presence. Upon arrival, my gift should be put in an envelope if possible and placed on the night stand, armoire etc, in plain sight. I do require that our agreed upon donation be handled up front before services are rendered. I will then collect the gift, verify that the amount is correct and then proceed with our engagement and you and I both will be happy!

REMINDER: This is not an offer of prostitution. You are paying for my time and companionship only. Anything else is between two consenting adults.