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4th August 2009, 04:29 PM
This is my first review and it has also been my first escort experience. And it has been a really great one. Lisa is a very natural girl, which gives you a real girlfriend experience. We met at my hotel and after a drink went up into my room. Conversation has been great, but Lisa couldn't wait to get started with the real thing. :oh:

I even had to hold her back, as I like a slow start followed by an endless escalation :nana:

So we spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom, which had a nice bathtub. She was all over me and I was all over her. We change location and ...

It was really great and I can only recommend Lisa to those of you, who want to have an experience very close to a "meet a girl in the bar" adventure.

Meanwhile I have met Lisa several times and it has always been the same uncomplicated natural experience.


16th August 2009, 01:43 PM
Thanks for that post. I am frequently in Frankfurt. Unfortunately, this lady is none of my taste. From the pictures, I would guess, she is likely to be in her late 30-ies, starting 40ies. Beautiful for her age, but a bit too old for me.:54: