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14th August 2012, 06:08 PM

We have recently updated our prices on Escort-England (http://www.escort-england.com/2/manchester-escorts.html) & Escort-Wales - These great rates can be found here:

England (http://www.escort-england.com/2/manchester-escorts.html)

We also have some great offers on these sites, these are:

New Customers: England (http://www.escort-england.com/2/manchester-escorts.html)
New customers to the site can take advantage of a free trial for Eight WEEKS, giving you the chance to test our sites for free. We can help you build the profile, or you can use the easy form that can be found below:

New Customers : England (http://www.escort-england.com/2/manchester-escorts.html)
New Customers : Wales

Agencies have two packages based on the numbers of profile you wish to list.

For a free trial, and a bespoke package, please drop us an email and we will confirm some details with you - We are always happy to help, we can even build profiles for you.

Email : support@escort-england.com