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8th October 2006, 06:09 PM
From Uk Hotel Escorts (http://www.ukhotelescorts.co.uk/):
Our aim is to have a nation wide service aimed at the discerning businessman looking from the same service anywhere he goes in the UK and to this end we hope to for fill all requirements, we known we will have some teething troubles to start with, but our aim is to provide ladies who are attractive, intelligent and able to hold good conversation and able to please their man

Ladies if you are interested in joining us we are looking for ladies 20-45 who may or may not be working as a escort at the present time however you must be off smart appearance and able to hold your own in any social circle
Please fill in our joining form l

Our last appointment for ladies to visit hotel will be midnight We will not take any body that cannot commit to at least 2 days a week

Why we are different.
In an ever competitive market we will advertise in new and innovative ways, designed to appeal to a Class A, B, C market.
By being a member of UK Hotel Escorts, we will solve many of your problems, no shows, time wasters. We have the resources to carry this through and make UK Hotel Escorts a success, all you have to do is join us to share in that success.