• Escort Agency or Independent Fakes, Fraud or how to protect yourself against it

    Have you ever heard of those reports where someone has been cheated by an escort agency? Or have you even made bad experiences by yourself?
    Most escort agencies or independent escorts are very serious and trustworthy but sadly there are some black sheeps amongst them.
    But how can we protect us to not get a victim of those scams?
    You should check for following unusual conditions on a agency or independent site:
    1. No contact phone number
    2. Very cheap rates
    3. Girls on site are looking like porn stars or taken from a model magazine
    4. Only payment in advance and/or by Western Union.
    5. No reviews or informations on known escort communities

    If all of those five points are valid your chances are good you'll loose all of your money.
    So, check on Google if you find some informations.
    Also copy and paste the image url's of the girls into TinEye Reverse Image Search to find out if the images were stolen from porn or magazine sites.
    At least, be always careful and if you have a bad feeling invest your money into another agency or callgirl you can trust in. Good luck.
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