• How to book an escort - the escort newbie guide

    For each booking in advance, especially during the actual meeting, you can avoid some errors by the chances of a mutually satisfactory meeting increased.

    Preparing for a escort dating

    Once you've chosen an attractive escort lady you should first gain some informations about her or the escort service agency.

    The best you can do is searching in forums like this one here or in other forums, a search on Google often helps also to find other platforms providing reviews about this escort girl or escort agency.

    If you find many negative reports about the escort service or girl then it is advisable to seek out another lady or another agency because the chances are probably high that you fall on your face. It would be not the first time another lady appears on the booked date, warranted services or outfit of the woman are not being met, etc.

    Some ladies are also available at several agencies or work as an independent escort, sometimes it may be worthwhile to research and compare the prices to receive the best value.

    The first Contact

    The next step is making the first contact, there can also be some tricky moments and traps are ready to put right your foot into.

    A phone contact is always recommended because it is kind of personal and gives you a better picture than it's possible by written conversation, you know sympathy between each other is the key for a successful meeting.

    Make your expectations clear, services you expect (e.g. kissing, anal, smoking behavior of the Lady, etc.), dress code, rates. No long term, seesaw conversation to avoid the impression of being only interested in phone sex and wasting her time.
    It's a matter of course being always pleasant during the conversation.
    If you communicate by mail, avoid something like following bad example:
    CIF, CIM,COB????
    How much??
    This gives you the guaranty getting no more response from the girl or agency.

    If you get an uncomfortable feeling during the conversation, whether by unkindness or by other reasons, it is recommended to look anywhere else for a pleasant date appointment.

    Before dating

    The obvious to-do list:

    - Don't make excessive use of alcohol to get any courage

    - Showering, shaving, cleaning teeth and fingernails

    When the Escort model is just around the corner

    No matter whether the meeting will be at your home or in a hotel you should provide a nice, clean and tidy ambiance.

    A little gift in advance, be it flowers or chocolates is mostly welcome and gives you the best start for the following hours.

    Most importantly, the financial transaction should be taken place immediately at the beginning, the money is preferably placed in an envelope. To avoid inconvenience, it should also be suitable.

    Even if you think that you are the most honest and sincere guy in the world, it may be very uncomfortable for the lady not knowing to get the money or not.

    To warm up it can't be wrong to offer the lady a drink and do some conversation to break up the ice.

    The sexual part of the meeting

    Depending on what was previously agreed upon, it can then go to the real thing

    It is advisable to check once again, especially if a escort agency arranged this meeting that the agreed services are OK, especially if they are not everyday standard tasks like anal, pissing and more.

    Very important: safer sex wear a condom, do it for your loved spouse or partner, if any, and also of course to the call girl.

    When it's soon over

    If you successfully finalized the "sporting lessons" it can't be wrong sharing a cigarette or/and a farewell drink. If you are really satisfied with your escort date and the overall performance of the girl, a tip is not mandatory but very welcomed by the escort lady.

    After the Escort Date

    Please be aware, your date was a paid service and even if the girl has done a fantastic job in playing the role of a loving companion don't forget it's just a business relationship and no real loving has taken place by the escort lady (in most cases).
    So, don't be a jerk and avoid falling in love, that's easy said I know but it would be really sad if this leads to a further one sided love story.

    This should be considered only as a small guide, there can be differences in some parts dependent on the overall time you spend with the girl or other unforeseeable occurring events.
    If you have ideas to improve this guide please leave a comment. Thanks for reading and enjoy your next escort date.
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