• The Internet Escort's Handbook Book Part 1 and 2

    The Internet Escort's Handbook Part 1 and 2 was prior written for prospective escort women by former escort lady Amanda Brooks.
    In part 1 she's giving a short description of her understanding what defines an escort lady and several tips going from dressing, styling, health up to the first meeting with a client and how to avoid newbie mistakes.

    The second part of the handbook describes the necessary steps to create a successful business model in the escort branch.
    Website building, advertising and how to market an image to name only some of the most important.
    In fact I haven't read either of these two guides for future escort models, but think it can't be wrong to buy them. It's a small investment and from watching the table of contents there seems to be a lot of useful stuff especially for beginner in the escort scene.
    Also escort clients or agencies can read/buy this book, even if it's only as a "gift" for under performing escort models or to give newbies a first helping hand in this hard business.

    You can find more informations on her website: The Internet Escort's Handbook series

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