Snapchat is a hugely popular multimedia messaging app with millions of active users around the world. The platform has recently seen a significant increase in user activity as people are practicing social distance at this time of the current Kovid-1 pandemic epidemic.

The app allows users to take pictures, videos, or any other type of media and edit to their liking. It consists of a wide range of filters that show the user something from beautiful to silly. Not only can you click pictures with these filters, but you can also create fun and interesting Snapchat videos.

However, many Snapchat users may not know that they can invert a video if they want to or quickly forward it to Snapchat through its filters. You can video-record a ticket and easily reverse a ticket on Snapchat.

While this is a popular feature and some users like to create silly videos, the feature is a little harder to find in the app. Therefore, several netizens are searching for trends, such as "How to reverse video on Snapchat" and "Reverse Snapchat". Read on to find out how to reverse a video on Snapchat app.